Never let your fear decide your fate

My cousin is going to be on GMA today for her involvement with a nonprofit and their teaser segment was bumped due to this Orlando Bloom Justin Bieber thing. Srsly.

I say this with love ok I love the fic even if it's killing me like the back half of s2 killed me

Sending love right back for your appreciation. :) And I think the back half of S2 killed everyone. My coauthor and I have discussed (and he can correct me if I mischaracterize this as a joint opinion) our dissatisfaction with the handling of separate!Finchel during that time, i.e. the fact that they were ostensibly apart as a means of finding themselves as individuals but the SLs didn’t thoroughly flesh out their respective personal growth. Hence, we’re trying to give that idea a better treatment in our fic.

I swear you and your writing partner are like George RR Martin with this finchel fic except instead of waiting for Khaleesi to get to Westereos on her dragons I'm waiting for Finns penis to be in Rachel's vagina why are you doing this to me YOU HAVE ME HOOKED AND YOURE TORTURING ME

Well, being compared to GRRM is probably the greatest compliment I’ll ever receive as a fanfic writer so on behalf of both of us I thank you for that.

And in all seriousness we’re not ~trying to ~torture anyone; we hope we’re succeeding in crafting a complex and worthwhile story. Obviously I’m biased but I’m thrilled that you’re hooked and feel strongly that sticking around will be something you’re happy you did. :)

I don't get it why so many gleeks are now watching soa oO Its not their kind of show, they never cared about before. You didn't saw soa fans migrating to the gleek fandom when katey sagal played artie's mom.


bad idea: generalizing the preferences of millions of people of all different ages and backgrounds
good idea: shutting the fuck up

Reblogging for the response because it’s important general information.

Congratulations on the house! Also thanks for getting out a new chapter of "The Brass Ring" in the middle of moving and settling in. It was, as always a good read. I especially loved that there was so much focus on Finns musicality. That was one huge thing missing from his season 4 "journey" of deciding to become a teacher.

Thank you! It’s a big transition with a lot of intimidating aspects but I feel so lucky to be able to do it. 

Glad to hear you liked the chapter. The show definitely touched on Finn’s musicality as part of his teaching journey (I’m thinking about the Jukebox Hero scene with Ryder and the Greased Lightning auto shop scene) but then it all sorta fell off before Marley randomly said the words out loud and *poof* Finn was at college two episodes later. <violently shakes fist>

my father-in-law is playing with the baby in the den I’m in the kitchen making dinner Hubs is upstairs doing some important household stuff shoot for the stars kids because dreams can come true

Your eyes do not deceive you - we finally updated. Have at it.